Tech News Weekly (Audio)

Tech News Weekly (Audio)


Tech News Weekly hosted by Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent brings you interviews from tech journalists who make or break the top stories of the week. Jason and Mikah give you more context and perspective, with an in-depth look at the fast-paced world of technology and how it is changing our lives. Records every Thursday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.

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This week on Tech News Weekly, Jason and Mikah unpack Apple's new iPhone 15 Pro, improvements to Google's AI chatbot Bard, Microsoft's massive gaming leaks, and Amazon's latest product announcements.

  • Gizmodo's Florence Ion joins to share her review of Apple's iPhone 15 Pro with its new titanium chassis and 'tetraprism' telephoto camera. She discusses how it compares to Android flagships like the Pixel 7 Pro, especially in build quality, premiumness, and integration between Apple devices.
  • Google made improvements to its AI chatbot Bard after a rocky debut, integrating it with services like Maps, YouTube, and Gmail for a more assistant-like experience. Hugh Langley of Business Insider explains the new features and how Bard aims to avoid the pitfalls of other generative chatbots.
  • A massive leak reveals Microsoft's gaming roadmap and plans through 2028, including new mid-gen Xbox console refreshes and internal docs weighing buying Nintendo and Valve. Sam Machkovech analyzes the revelations and their potential fallout.
  • Amazon held a more muted product launch than past years. Updates include Alexa powered by a new large language model, Echo Frames smart glasses 2.0 with better style, the wall-mountable Echo Hub for smart home control, and a new high-end WiFi 7 Eero Pro router.

Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent

Guests: Florence Ion, Hugh Langley, and Sam Machkovech

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