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Leo Laporte brings some of the most interesting personalities in technology together to talk about the most important issues. Fun, relaxed, informative and always entertaining, count on TWiT for the best tech podcasts in the world.

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Cybertruck is out, ChatGPT turns 1, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, NameDrop

  • ChatGPT's 1st birthday and mainstream AI adoption
  • Microsoft joins OpenAI's board as a non-voting observer
  • Pika raises $55 million for AI video generation tool
  • Amazon launches Q chatbot service for companies
  • Concerns over Q hallucinating responses and leaking data
  • Rethinking reactions to Tesla's Cybertruck design
  • Police warn about issues with NameDrop social media app
  • Why Apple adding RCS may not resolve green vs blue bubbles
  • Apple dropping Goldman Sachs as Apple Card issuer
  • Inside Spotify Wrapped's annual personalized listening stats
  • Fears over Plex exposing users' viewing habits
  • Black Friday online sales hit record $9.8 billion in US
  • Cyber Monday sales beat estimates at $12.4 billion
  • Extreme complexity in rebuilding an ultimate car pinball machine
  • Kiss launches digital avatars for virtual concerts

Host: Jason Howell

Guests: Rich DeMuro, Tim Stevens, and Abrar Al-Heeti

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