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Total Leo (Audio)


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Congress recently made it nearly impossible to track private jets. Is WiFi 7 worth buying into right now? What resources are out there to help with the process of building a computer? How can I tag and organize photos based on the date taken? Plus, Dick DeBartolo stops by to share some LED lights that he loves and can magnetically stick to metal surfaces!

  • Kabosu, Shiba Inu dog who inspired 'Doge' meme, dies at 18.
  • Congress just made it basically impossible to track Taylor Swift's private jet.
  • U.S. screens record 2.95 million airline passengers in single day.
  • Is there a way to pinpoint an issue causing my Safari browser not to work?
  • Is WiFi 7 a worthwhile upgrade for better data transfer between my NAS and computer?
  • Are there AI note-taking tools that can effectively summarize notes from a meeting and are not as costly?
  • Dick DeBartolo and the motion sensor LED light pucks!
  • Can I tag photos based on dates?
  • Leo shows off the mini Bluetooth keyboard he recommended for a viewer last week to use with your iPad. What does Leo think of the device?
  • Are there tools out there that can organize photos of one person by date of older to newer?
  • What resources are out there to help with the process of building a computer?
  • How can I determine which custom ringtones are set to my contacts on my cellphone?
  • Why are my Edge browser profiles not syncing across my various devices?
  • How can I make a searchable database for my podcast?
  • What's the easiest way to create annotations for my videos on my iPad?
  • Could the Framework laptops be a good choice for running AI models locally?

Host: Leo Laporte

Guest: Dick DeBartolo

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