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Mark Levin is one of the hottest talk radio hosts in America. A prominent conservative commentator, best-selling author and constitutional scholar, Mark offers fresh takes on daily news headlines and dissects important events of the day. Heard weeknights on nearly 400 radio stations, Levin is loved in every corner of America. He cuts through the noise with his passion and intellect, often saying things others won’t. Or as Mark himself would declare: “That’s right. I said it!”

Radio: Westwood One

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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the attack on Pearl Harbor sparked America's entrance into World War II. Many enlisted to serve their country, some were relatives of this program. The sacrifice and patriotism by these men were great, nothing like the men of our current administration. Lamentably, the writing is on the wall for a war with China which threatens many countries. Russia is expanding aggressively and will likely invade Ukraine again. Iran is months away from having a nuclear weapon and is prepared to go to war. President Biden is not prepared for the coming conflict. Then, former Ambassador and National Security Advisor Ric Grenell calls in to share how the Reagan Library's board has dramatically changed to eliminate Reaganites and Trump supporters. Grenell added that the rise of China has been steady as they infiltrated the power structure of many institutions. The U.S must refrain from doing business with the CCP. Later, the philosophy of Americanism embraces things that are proven to have worked for the betterment of society. This was the difference between Trump and the Democrats, it was peace and common sense versus uncertainty and a radical leftist ideology. Afterward, Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany calls in to discuss her new book "For Such a Time as This: My Faith Journey through the White House and Beyond." McEnany highlights her time in the Trump White House and how her faith guided her in through the lies and vitriol of the media. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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