Prog Rock and Metal Radio
Thoughts Factory - Elements


Thoughts Factory 1618362673
The Vicious Head Society - Downfall (Voice in the Sky)

Downfall (Voice in the Sky)

The Vicious Head Society 1618362172
Voyager - Saccharine Dream

Saccharine Dream

Voyager 1618361823
Within Progress - Celestial Notion

Celestial Notion

Within Progress 1618361563
Labyrinth - Live Today

Live Today

Labyrinth 1618361228
Dream Theater - On the Backs of Angels (Live)

On the Backs of Angels (Live)

Dream Theater 1618360667
Valis Ablaze - The Static Between Us

The Static Between Us

Valis Ablaze 1618360336
Morality's Asylum - Disregarded Morality

Disregarded Morality

Morality's Asylum 1618360027
Simulacrum - Genesis, Pt. 4 - End of Entropy

Genesis, Pt. 4 - End of Entropy

Simulacrum 1618357057
Pain of Salvation - ACCELERATOR


Pain of Salvation 1618356748
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Prog Rock and Metal Radio is a private online radio station owned by Will Mangold. This non-profit project was created as a hobby and offers listeners the opportunity to listen to a curated selection of Mangold's favorite tracks of progressive metal and progressive rock. Its main goal from the beginning is to raise awareness and expand the listeners' knowledge of progressive music. Prog Rock and Metal Radio also dwells into sub-genres. particularly those that stress the symphonic and melodic of metal and rock. 

Categories:  Modern Rock, Metal

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Top Songs

Last 7 days:

1. Labyrinth - The Absurd Circus

2. Labyrinth - Finally Free

3. Pyramaze - Epitaph

4. Osyron - Foundations

5. Simulacrum - Traumatized

6. Simulacrum - Like You Like Me

7. Status Minor - Our Common Curse

8. Day Six - Myriad Scars

9. PreHistoric animals - Run Stranger, Run!

10. Ray Alder - What the Water Wanted

Last 30 days:

1. Labyrinth - The Absurd Circus

2. Pyramaze - Epitaph

3. Osyron - Foundations

4. Lost In Thought - Coming Home

5. Osyron - Battle of the Thames

6. The Vicious Head Society - The Sycophants

7. Labyrinth - A Reason to Survive

8. Labyrinth - Finally Free

9. Osyron - Ignite

10. Labyrinth - Live Today




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