83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff

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Since 1984 every wrestling promoter has tried to beat Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation unsuccessfully… except one, Eric Bischoff. From a “C-Team Announcer” to the President of WCW, Eric did it all! The nWo, Monday Night Nitro, and most importantly beating Vince not once, but 83 times in a row! Hear all about it on 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson!

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On this episode of 83Weeks, Eric and Conrad takes us back 25 years for the infamous white hummer attack on "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash! Who was behind the wheel? Who booked this shit? Find out those answers and so much more on this edition of 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff. SUBSCRIBE TO 83 WEEKS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCqQc7Pa1u4plPXq-d1pHqQ/?sub_confirmation=1 BECOME A 83 WEEK MEMBER NOW: https://www.youtube.com/@83weeks/membership EARNIN - Download the EarnIn app today. Type in 83 WEEKS under PODCAST when you sign up. EarnIn, the most loved way to get paid as you work MACK WELDON - Get timeless looks with modern comfort from Mack Weldon. Go to MackWeldon.com and get 20% off your first order with promo code 83WEEKS. HENSON SHAVING - It’s time to say no to subscriptions and yes to a razor that’ll last you a lifetime. Visit HENSONSHAVING.com/BISCHOFF to pick the razor for you and use code BISCHOFF and you’ll get two years' worth of blades free with your razor–just make sure to add them to your cart. BLUECHEW - Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code 83WEEKS at checkout--just pay $5 shipping. That’s BlueChew.com, promo code 83WEEKS to receive your first month FREE SAVE WITH CONRAD - Stop throwing your money on rent! Get into a house with NO MONEY DOWN and roughly the same monthly payment at https://www.savewithconrad.com ADVERTISE WITH ERIC - If your business targets 25-54 year old men, there's no better place to advertise than right here with us on 83 Weeks. You've heard us do ads for some of the same companies for years...why? Because it works! And with our super targeted audience, there's very little waste. Go to https://www.podcastheat.com/advertise now and find out more about advertising with 83 Weeks. Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCqQc7Pa1u4plPXq-d1pHqQ/join BECOME A 83 WEEK MEMBER NOW: https://www.youtube.com/@83weeks/membership Get all of your 83 Weeks merchandise at https://boxofgimmicks.com/collections/83-weeks Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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