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Grilling JR

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For over forty years Jim Ross has been the Voice of Wrestling. From starting as referee in the regional territories to becoming the Executive Vice President for WWE, nobody has a story quite like Jim Ross. From recruiting and hiring some of the biggest superstars in the industry to providing the soundtrack for the most important moments in wrestling history, "Good Ole JR" was there for it all. Join us every Thursday morning as Conrad Thompson grills JR like you've never heard before, uncut and uncensored!

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LISTENER DISCLAIMER: Jim Ross and host Conrad Thompson discuss subjects that are disturbing and might be offensive to some audiences...listener discretion is advised. On this episode of Grilling JR, the voice of wrestling, Jim Ross and host Conrad Thompson discuss JR's beginnings in professional wrestling and the cast of characters he worked with along the way. JR shares his stories of how he started in the business, what happened that allowed him to move up the ranks in MidSouth Wrestling so quickly, and some of the evils that lurked along his journey. Jim Ross and host Conrad Thompson continue JR's time in Mid-South Wrestling. This edition is part two of one of our most popular topics to date. You can listen/watch it right now over at or wherever you find your podcasts. Today, JR discusses his time working for Bill Watts and Leroy McGurik during the duos eventual split and the aftermath that unfolds. JR also shares stories of working with the infamous McGuire twins, Ernie Ladd, Dick Murdoch and so many more talents from the 70's and 80's. IBOTTA - Ibotta is offering our listeners $5 just for trying Ibotta by using the code GRILLINGJR when you register. Just go to the App Store or Google Play store and download the FREE Ibotta app to start earning cash back and use code GRILLINGJR.  EARNIN - Download the EarnIn app today. Type in GRILLING under PODCAST when you sign up. EarnIn, the most loved way to get paid as you work. MANSCAPED - Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code JIMROSS at  BLUECHEW - Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code JR at checkout--just pay $5 shipping. That’s, promo code JR to receive your first month FREE. BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP - Make sure you get your hands on the most anticipated books coming out this year, "Business Is About To Pick Up: 50 years in wrestling in 50 unforgettable calls" available now to ORDER at SAVE WITH CONRAD - Start 2024 saving money with some help from our friends at ADVERTISE WITH GRILLING JR - If your business targets 25-54 year old men, there's no better place to advertise than right here with us on Grilling JR. You've heard us do ads for some of the same companies for years...why? Because it works! And with our super targeted audience, there's very little waste. Go to now and find out more about advertising with Grilling JR. Get all of your Grilling JR merchandise at On, you get early, ad-free access to more than a dozen of your favorite wrestling podcasts, starting at just $9! And now, you can enjoy the first week...completely FREE! Sign up for a free trial - and get a taste of what Ad Free Shows is all about. Start your free trial today at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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