Talk Is Jericho

Talk Is Jericho

Chris Jericho

He’s a multiple world champion pro wrestler, lead singer of Fozzy, and a New York Times best-selling author. Listen in as Chris Jericho interviews some of the biggest names in wrestling, entertainment, comedy, and the paranormal. Don’t miss his unique, engaging, weekly take on all things pop culture.

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Who’s interviewing who in this hilariously awkward interview/conversation between Jericho and RJ City. They trade questions, volleys, and stories about their various reality TV experiences, scripted TV series, and movies. CJ questions RJ being type cast as a wrestler in most projects he films, and RJ grills Jericho in turn on his inability to win reality singing competitions despite being a professional singer. They talk David Arquette, Clint Bobski, MJF, WWE, AEW, catchphrases (including the short-lived GFA), and Lindsay Lohan. RJ also explains what inspired his YouTube show, “Hey! (EW),” and how he approaches prep and guests for each episode. And grab a dictionary for this one because there are some seriously impressive, high-flying words from both gentlemen! Watch new episodes of Hey! (EW) every Sunday at the crack of dawn on YouTube! Thank you for supporting our sponsors! Gametime – Download the Gametime app, create an account, and use the promo code TIJ to get $20 off. Fan Duel – Go to, sign up and place your first bet, and bet up to $1000 dollars back in bonus bets if you don’t win! Factor – visit and use code TIJ50 to get 50% off your first box eBay Motors: get the right parts, the right fit, and the right prices. Toyota: Visit to find your perfect Toyota! Bosch Tools: learn more at SlingTV: check out for special offers STAY CONNECTED: TikTok: @TalkIsJericho Instagram: @talkisjericho @chrisjerichofozzy Twitter: @TalkIsJericho @IAmJericho YouTube: Website:

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