KUYI Hopi Public Radio 88.1 FM live
KUYI Hopi Public Radio 88.1 FM

KUYI Hopi Public Radio 88.1 FM live

Reservation Vibrations and World Music Rocks Northern Arizona

KUYI, also known as Hopi Radio, is a Native American public radio station. It caters to the Hopi, Tewa, and Navajo Native American tribes in Northern Arizona, offering locally produced content in line with the needs and interests of these communities. The station is also available globally via live streaming.

KUYI went live on the airwaves for the first time at the end of 2000, with the goal of connecting the Native American communities and to bring the traditional Hopi storytelling to a wider audience, thus expanding its reach and awareness. The sign-call KUYI was chosen for its closeness to the Hopi word for water, 'Kuuyi', an important resource within the Hopi reservation.

The station's daily schedule includes NPR programming as well as local and national news reports, cultural and educational shows about the traditions, arts, and language of the Hopi community, and talk shows in which guests and hosts discuss current and public affairs and how they affect the community.

Categories:  Public, Ethnic

Frequencies KUYI Hopi Public Radio 88.1 FM

Dilkon: 88.1 FM


Website:  www.kuyi.net/


KUYI Hopi Radio, Junction of Highway 87 & State Route 264, PO Box 301, Kykotsmovi, Arizona 86039, USA


(928) 738-5505



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