Smooth Jazz 247 live
Smooth Jazz 247

Smooth Jazz 247 live

The World's Favorite Smooth Jazz Station.

Smooth Jazz 247 is an online radio station live streaming to the world a curated selection of the best Smooth Jazz music. The station was launched in 2011 as a response to the progressive decrease of Smooth Jazz FM radio stations and an increase in digital radio stations that only air music.

Smooth Jazz 247 set itself apart as one of the few Smooth Jazz online radio stations with live DJs in its programming. The talk is kept to a minimum, but the station believes that the presence of real voices and DJs behind its music selection, humanizes the station and provides a greater sense of connection with the listeners.

Categories:  Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening, Jazz

Frequencies Smooth Jazz 247

Denver: Online

Los Angeles: Online

New York: Online


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