SikhNet Stories for Children

SikhNet Stories for Children


Children of all faiths and religions will enjoy these Sikh stories of spiritual principles and consciousness (many based on stories from Sikhism). Stories highlighting universal values of helping others, compassion, prayer, courage, sharing, and the oneness of all people capture the hearts and imagination of children of all ages. As parents, you can rest assured that the message delivered to your children is positive, uplifting, and of good spirit. Who knows, they just may learn a valuable life lesson! For years SikhNet has presented the popular Audio Stories for Kids at These wonderful tales of Sikh history have entertained and enchanted an entire generation of children.

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The moon was bright in the dark sky, while the soothing sound of Gurbani Kirtan was flowing in the Gurdwara. Everyone had their eyes closed, focused on the vibration. Suddenly out of the the langar hall came a disturbing sound! A young lady got up and went into the kitchen to see what was going on, "Hmm look at these footprints.... " Then she whispered into a device on her wrist, and three other figures quickly and silently appeared in the langar hall kitchen. They all looked at the footprints, then at each other. These four were no ordinary kids, they were... TEAM KHALSA! read more

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