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It takes a spine to say, “Being white doesn't make you a white supremacist.” But that’s Ayaan Hirsi Ali for you. She has experienced Islamist supremacy and lived to tell others the truth. Her life story is remarkable. Born in Somalia, she lived through indescribable hell, including forced genital mutilation when she was five years old. She later fled to Holland, eventually becoming a member of the Dutch parliament. Now, she serves as the exact cultural commentator we need. Her latest book, Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women's Rights, reveals the threat that Islam poses to women’s rights and Western liberal democracy. The Left has led a concerted campaign against Ms. Hirsi Ali. But these days, that’s a badge of honor. On this episode, Glenn and Ms. Hirsi Ali talk about Afghanistan, genital mutilation, and the transgender craze overtaking America’s youth. Critical race theory. Woke ideology. And politics. Identity politics has completely destroyed the Left’s high moral standing with themselves. Where is their outrage about homophobia and misogyny in Afghanistan? GLAAD is all too happy to focus its activism on bakeries and bathrooms. Meanwhile, LGBTQ people are dying in Afghanistan and it’s crickets. As Ms. Hirsi Ali sums it up: “I don’t think of politics as a pleasurable activity.”   This Week’s Sponsors: AR500 Armor - Plan now for how to protect yourself and your family. Get yourself the body armor we trust from AR500 Armor. Go to to see this package, and use code “BECK” for 20% OFF anything else in their entire store.   Built Bar - Go to and use promo code “BECK15” to save 15% off your first order. Use promo code “BECK15” for 15% off at! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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