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Join the journey with David Knight, a true veteran in the realm of news and analysis, and become part of a community that values historical context, critical think, and spiritual insight in navigating the challenges of our era.  
LIVE every weekday morning at 9am Eastern where you'll find an honest, fresh perspective, not partisan cheerleading.  WIth a background as an electrical engineer, David is focused on the interplay of technology & liberty from a Christian perspective.

David has had decades of experience in the trenches of politics as an activist, organizer, candidate, reporter, analyst, and news anchor

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Dr. Hammond didn't just take Bibles and the gospel into totalitarian Marxist and Muslim countries, he took it directly to the armed terrorists in those countries.African Christian missionary, Dr. Peter Hammond,, joins to relay his experiences, arrests, imprisonments, being stabbed, shot at, etc and his successes as he saw God move in powerful ways.

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