Talking Real Money - Investing Talk

Talking Real Money - Investing Talk

Don McDonald

34-year financial talk radio veteran, Don McDonald and former host of Serious Money on PBS, Tom Cock, join forces to talk about real money issues. In each episode, they solve real money problems, dole out real investing (not speculating) advice, and really explain the financial issues that effect all of us. Plus, it's actually fun! Talking Real Money is a podcast designed to provide the real help we all need to enjoy a really great future. Call in with your questions anytime at 855-935-TALK (8255).

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Tom meets Don and listeners in Madison, Wisconsin: 0:35 Welcome to Talking Real Money live from Goodland Park 8:19 The insurance industry's challenge with transparency 12:34 The importance of recognizing ethical financial advisors 24:19 The importance of financial literacy for investing 31:26 Making informed decisions about high-interest savings accounts 36:13 Wrapping up the show in Madison, Wisconsin Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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