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Don't miss the show that's the talk of the nation's capital! Forget the mainstream headlines! Get the truth! The Vince Coglianese Show cuts through the nonsense to deliver the real news every day. With nearly two decades in conservative journalism and broadcasting, Vince provides a shockingly refreshing and entertaining take on the day's biggest stories. His unparalleled roster of expert guests and newsmakers offer fresh insights that blast through the BS of Washington politics. 

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David Pecker from the National Enquirer is Alvin Bragg’s star witness in today’s prosecution of Donald Trump. Pecker claims the publication was helping Trump get elected in 2016. Vince speaks with Kash Patel, Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Former Chief of Staff at the Department of Defense and Author of “Government Gangsters” about Donald Trump’s second day in court and the gag order against him  



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