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Jazz Shapers

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Jazz Shapers features interviews with founders - business shapers – who, like the shapers of jazz, soul and blues have defied convention, broken the mould and gone on to achieve great success. In each episode host Elliot Moss persuades a business pioneer to reveal their motivations, their character and how they deal with challenges and opportunities. A Jazz FM production.

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  • 445 - Andrei Papancea: Co-Founder and CEO of AI platform NLX 
    Sun, 25 Feb 2024
  • 444 - James Brown: Founder of Loaded magazine 
    Sun, 18 Feb 2024
  • 443 - Luke Boase: Founder of Lucky Saint 
    Sun, 17 Dec 2023
  • 442 - Connie Nam: Founder of Astrid & Miyu 
    Sun, 10 Dec 2023
  • 441 - Rupert Younger: Co-founder of The Finsbury Group 
    Sun, 03 Dec 2023
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