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Crime Classics - True Crime OTR

Crime Classics

"Crime Classics" was a historical true crime radio show that aired in the United States from June 1953 to June 1956. The series was produced and directed by Elliott Lewis, with Morton Fine and David Friedkin handling the scriptwriting duties. The show was notable for its meticulous research, atmospheric music, and Lewis's innovative direction.Overview"Crime Classics" delved into historical murders and other heinous crimes, primarily focusing on events from the 18th and 19th centuries. The series was introduced each week by the host, Thomas Hyland — self-described as a "connoisseur of crime, student of violence, and teller of murders." Hyland was portrayed by Lou Merrill, although he was characterized more as a narrator than an active participant in the storytelling.Style and ExecutionEach episode of "Crime Classics" typically began with an introduction by Hyland, setting the scene and offering a brief overview of the crime. This was followed by a dramatization of the events leading up to, during, and after the crime, often highlighting the motivations and backgrounds of the individuals involved. The stories were narrated in a dry, almost scholarly tone, which was contrasted sharply with the often grisly subject matter, adding a layer of dark humor to the proceedings.

The music for the show, composed by Bernard Herrmann (who is famed for his later work with Alfred Hitchcock), played a significant role in setting the mood. The score was atmospheric and evocative, enhancing the historical setting and the dramatic retellings.

Research and Authenticity"Crime Classics" stood out for its commitment to historical accuracy and detail. The writers, Fine and Friedkin, conducted thorough research, drawing from original court reports, newspapers, and other historical documents. This commitment to authenticity lent the show a documentary-like feel, distinguishing it from other more sensationalist crime shows of the time.

Notable EpisodesSome of the more memorable episodes included "The Bloody, Bloody Banks of Fall River," which recounted the infamous Lizzie Borden axe murders; "The Death of a Picture Hanger," which dramatized the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln; and "The Final Day of General Ketchum and How He Died," detailing the story of a Civil War general who became a murderer.

Legacy"Crime Classics" is remembered today for its unique approach to storytelling and its influence on the true crime genre. The show’s blend of historical narrative with dramatic storytelling techniques has been cited as a precursor to the modern true crime podcast and television series that blend documentary and narrative elements. The series was part of a golden age of radio that showcased the potential of audio storytelling, influencing generations of creators in the audio and visual arts.

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