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Good morning and welcome to the ride! For the record, Big Dog want to thank God for Popeye's! The Chief Love Officer gets a concerned mother writing in about her son's behavior. In Church Complaints, Pastor Motown also has a message for the online members in Texas who won't be paying tithes for a while. Congratulations to Andra Day for winning big at the Golden Globes for her performance in the movie The United States vs Billie Holiday. Steve and Jimmy Kimmel had a conversation about Lori and Michael B. Jordan. Fool #2 got the vaccine and he has something to say to the scientists. In honor of Women's History Month, Junior has a new poem for the ladies. 45 teased that he could run again for President in 2024. Inside Comedy Roulette, the fellas talk about the things that you should not do if you really really don't know what you are doing. Today the show wraps up with the topic of crushing dreams. The crew even talk about Showtime at the Apollo. Learn more about your ad-choices at

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