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Joe Biden takes a tumble while on stage at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. He claimed diversity is the greatest strength of the the graduating class before tripping over a sandbag that was on stage to secure the president's teleprompter. That wasn't even the most concerning thing Biden did yesterday. We review the latest UFO findings revealed in a report from the Department of Defense. An AI drone attacks the drone operator during a simulated military drill. The SEC (college sports conference, not financial commission) plans major restructuring and the removal of the east/west division within the conference. And Greg's wife, Lisa, calls the show to give us an update on their eight stray puppies and when they can be adopted. Sponsor: Liver Health Formula: Liver Health Formula’s eight power-packed nutrients recharge all four pillars of liver health. You’ll burn belly fat, boost energy, and transform the way you look and feel.Trim your body by recharging your liver, which optimizes fat-burning. So your body burns stubborn fat more effectively than starvation diets and endless workouts. You have 365 days to try Liver Health Formula and see the results for yourself risk-free. If you are not 100% satisfied — simply contact us and we will gladly refund your money. No questions asked. https://GetLiverHelp.com/Bubba Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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