Lost Notes

Lost Notes


KCRW’s acclaimed music documentary podcast, Lost Notes, is back for its fourth season! Co-hosts Novena Carmel (KCRW) and Michael Barnes (KCRW / KPFK / Artform Radio) guide you through eight wildly different and deeply human stories, each set against the kaleidoscopic backdrop of LA’s soul and R&B scene of the 1950s-1970s.

Radio: KCRW News

Categories: Music

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  • 65 - Nia Andrews & Terrace Martin on Reggie Andrews 
    Wed, 19 Jun 2024
  • 64 - Do What You Want To Do: The Legacy of Reggie Andrews 
    Wed, 5 Jun 2024
  • 63 - Dear Ruth: How Ruth Dolphin (Re-)Built a Musical Empire 
    Wed, 22 May 2024
  • 62 - Go with the Flow: Community, Virality, and the Politics of Dancing 
    Wed, 8 May 2024
  • 61 - Places & Spaces: The Mizell Brothers’ LA Alchemy 
    Wed, 24 Apr 2024
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