Foster Care: An Unparalleled Journey

Foster Care: An Unparalleled Journey

Jason and Amanda Palmer

Foster care is truly an unparalleled experience. This is our journey as a foster and adoptive family that has seen and experienced a lot! We want to share our joy and heartbreak with the world to inspire others to join in our mission of providing strength to the weakest among us. We are sharing our personal experiences as a foster and adoptive family and the stories that other brave souls are willing to generously share with us. Our goal is to help potential foster families take that next step in the process and to encourage bio families to work with us towards the best possible resolution for every kid in care. There is no better place for any kid to be than in their home with a mom and dad that cares enough about them to stop any behavior that puts their kids at risk. If you are willing to work towards that goal, we would love to encourage you to do so in any way we can! Come listen to our story and find your hope! You can find us at

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This week we are sharing a webinar that we hosted recently. It is all about the process of becoming a foster parent, and the questions that you might have.  We hosted this project in hopes that people who are interested in the idea of becoming foster parents could find some information to help them start on their journey. If you would like to watch the video you can see it on our website, you can watch it here:   Click to watch the whole video on the website!

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