Suspense and Horror – Retro Radio Podcast

Suspense and Horror – Retro Radio Podcast

Keith Heltsley

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Hosted by Peter Lorrie as a feature of AFRS, Mystery Playhouse.
A psychologist presents his idea for his next book, but the publisher sends him packing. There's no way he'll support the idea of using psychology to get someone to commit murder. On the street, the doctor intervenes when a woman is deciding to jump from a bridge.
Talking her from the brink, and redirecting her confused emotions, he sets her on the path of murder. With no motive, she has no ties to the victim, and won't face reprocussions, right?
Going back to the publisher, the doct gloats that his experiment has worked. Now will he publish the book? Soon, it's the publisher who could be the victim. The distraught woman turns out to be his jealous wife. She has proof of a fling with a blonde woman.
Relaxing at home, the doctor is surprised to get a visit from police detectives. Have they cauught on to him already? Why are they suddenly interested in his wife's whereabouts? Interrogations indicate that she as the woman in the photo in the publisher's office. Has she snapped, and killed her lover?
The Whistler still has one more twist that explains the details in the nearly perfect crime, and exposes to the cops the part the doctor played in the m m murders.
Note: This is a retelling of a story presented on Suspense that featured Bela Lugosi in the part of the doctor.

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