Lum and Abner – Retro Radio Podcast

Lum and Abner – Retro Radio Podcast

Keith Heltsley

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What are the new Victory Boxes in the Jot ‘Em Down store to be used for? Get ready for a combined history lesson, and dose of World War 2 propaganda. During the war certain things were in short supply, namely metal, rubber, paper, and other essentials to support the troops. The boxes seem almost to be an early recycling measure that might be good to empliment today. Not so much to make up for shortages, or redirect raw materials for a war effort, but to protect the environment.
As the story develops, we learn some of the events since the previous episode. Lum took the wrong package, and Diogenes was both worried and upset. Will Lum be able to keep his job as Circulation Manager?
For a while now I’ve suspected there could be something sneaky going on with Diogenes. With Lum’s description of the mix up, and his contact in Fort Smith, it keeps raising flags for me that there could be trouble for Lum and Abner.
Using a figure of speech about a rooster, Lum gets Abner confused. Abner has some curious, and confusing news about Diogenes past, and where he is from. Will Cedric be of any help in filling those Victory Boxes?

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