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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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In this episode, I discuss the disgusting new revelations in the case against the Biden crime family. Biden should immediately drop out of the race if this new information is confirmed. I also address an astonishing comment by a former twitter executive regarding Donald Trump.  News Picks: Was the Biden family covering up child endangerment? The FBI and DOJ do NOT believe Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of a Russian disinformation campaign.  Yes, Joe Biden WILL raise your taxes.  Democrats, scarred by 2016, fear a late Trump surge.  Twitter is clearly abusing section 230, here’s an interesting fix.  The Amy Coney Barrett vote will happen on Hillary’s birthday. Happy birthday! Unemployment is 59% higher in blue states than in red states. Here’s how the ANTIFA racket works. The Senate will vote on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court on Monday. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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