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Every weekend on AM Joy, award-winning journalist and author Joy Reid passionately tackles the most important political and news topics of the week, exploring how policy decisions are shaping the country, while also bringing viewers in-depth interviews with leading newsmakers.

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THIS EPISODE: COVID-19 fatigue, the coming coronavirus vaccine, and the work ahead for President-Elect Joe Biden in leading the pandemic fight are discussed by experts in conversation with María Teresa Kumar. NEXT: Donald Trump should be boycotted by the media from now on Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin tells AM JOY. PLUS: COVID-19 driving people to food banks, while the revised House Heroes Act sits on Mitch McConnell's desk, and GOP senators take no action, is slammed by Julián Castro. THEN: Donald Trump’s airtime should be limited under certain circumstances, as press coverage of the soon-to-be former president evolves post-presidency, columnist and author Tim O’Brien recommends to us. AND: To overcome a GOP-majority Senate controlled by Mitch McConnell, President-Elect Joe Biden is encouraged to direct federal dollars to small businesses directly, in advice from Democratic strategist and small business owner Tara Dowdell. FINALLY: President-Elect Joe Biden likely wants to take America to a place that exceeds where it was before Donald Trump, Robert Reich, former secretary of labor in the Clinton administration, tells María Teresa Kumar. All this and much more in this Sunday edition of AM JOY on MSNBC.

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